20 Custom Pattern Brushes for Manga Studio

Custom Manga Studio (Clip Studio Paint) Brushes –
Special Pattern Brushes

100+ Brushes Available for $2.99 here:

There are over 20 texture brushes here that I created from found and scanned textures. All can be used with any color, and have fine-tuned settings to help you beat up your illustrations in Manga Studio 5.

This video quickly walks you through each set of brushes and shows them in use.

Included in the pack are

-14 Inking Brushes
-18 Paint Brushes
-12 Pencil Brushes
-5 Shading Brushes
-16 Splatter Brushes
-20+ Special Pattern Brushes
-22 Texture Brushes

The brushes are useful for all styles of illustration. As a freelance digital illustrator, I use them primarily for Comic Book illustration, t-shirt design, logo design, character and concept illustration, sketching, and painting.

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