Images of custom photoshop brush

Over 100 Adobe Photoshop Brushes (Volume 1)

Several years ago, I created a set of brushes for Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) that were very popular.  Many people have been asking me to create a set similar to those brushes for Adobe Photoshop, and after tons of tweaking and importing, I’ve created a set of some of my favorite custom brushes from those volumes. Adobe Photoshop’s brush engine is very different than that of Clip Studio Paint, but I’m very happy with close I was able to get with this new set.

All brushes are included as organized Brush sets, and also Tool Presets. They are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Adobe Photoshop CC, for both Windows and Mac.

  • 17 Texture Brushes
  • 8 Stippling Brushes
  • 16 Splatter Brushes
  • 10 Cloud Brushes
  • 10 Pencil Brushes
  • 23 Digital Painting Brushes
  • 12 Inking Brushes
  • 9 Special Effect Brushes
  • 12 Distress Brushes

What’s Included?

17 Textures Brushes

These brushes were created from the same scanned textures as my popular Clip Studio Paint brush set.  I use them to add life to my illustrations, apply grunge effects, and distress things when they are too pretty.

8 Stippling Brushes

This set of stippling brushes was created from scanned micron pen stippling.  I use these brushes all the time when inking comic book work and t-shirt designs.

16 Splatter Brushes

Huge set of different ink and blood splatters for all your splattering needs!

10 Cloud Brushes

I created this set of cloud brushes for digitally painting skies using photos of clouds and smoke.  There are some great smoke effect brushes in here as well.

10 Pencil Brushes

I’ve never been satisfied with the penciling brushes in Adobe Photoshop – they’ve always had either too much tooth or not enough, or not accurately drawn in the style I use.  This set of brushes was imported from my Clip Studio Paint set to try to mimic the superior penciling brushes of that program.

23 Digital Brushes

I’ve got all kinds of textured goodness in this set.  These are my go-to digital painting brushes I use in Photoshop the majority of the time.  I took the best of my Clip Studio Paint brushes and imported them the best I could.  Even though Photoshop doesn’t use the same blending engine, I’m really satisfied with how they work in Photoshop.

12 Inking Brushes

Clip Studio Paint will always be better than Photoshop at inking, in my opinion.  But there are many times when I need to ink in Adobe Photoshop.  I painstakingly tried to replicate my favorite inking brushes in Clip Studio Paint as best I could.

9 Special Effect Brushes

Adobe Photoshop Brushes for drawing hair and fur, smoky vapor, a hand-scanned toothbrush spatter, and highlight efferct brushes.  Plus a bunch more!

12 Distress Brushes

This set takes the best of my Clip Studio Paint texture brushes that I use to beat up and distress text and t-shirt fills to create a vintage grunge look.  All were created from scanned textures and photographs.