Disc Golf Artwork

Ever since Discraft (the leading Disc Golf Disc company) hired me to design their special edition Halloween disc, I have designed over 100 discs for nearly all Disc Golf companies, and many tournaments and clubs. In addition, I also launched my own brand that produces Limited Edition and hard-to-find batches of disc golf discs with my artwork on them. I love the Disc Golf Community – they are so supportive!

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Discraft has commissioned me to create many discs for their catalog. Some of my favorites included turning their iconic Buzz mascot into Michael Myers, and Leatherface for their limited edition Halloween buzz series.

A lot of my zombie and psychedelic artwork has also been printed by Discraft on disc golf discs in really unique foils for their limited edition runs.

For many years now, Discraft has hired me to create an illustration for their limited Halloween release. We usually turn their iconic Bee mascot into a parody of an infamous Horror movie icon, like Freddy, Jason, Pinhead (Hellraiser), and Chucky.

The United States Disc Golf Championship and Innova hired me to create the poster for the 2019 Championship event. I illustrated a tough looking disc golf player on one of the most infamous and difficult holes on the course, with a patriotic eagle above. I’m very happy that my artwork is now part of the history of this important event in the Disc Golf world

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