Full coloring tutorial in Manga Studio 5 (Clip Studio Paint)

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This video shows how to digitally paint a colorful tiki head using my new set of custom Manga Studio brushes available for download for only $2.99.

100+ Brushes Available for $2.99 here:

Per request, I slowed this video down and added commentary to walk you through step-by-step the process I use to color a piece of artwork.

You’ll also hear tips on:

-Using the comic book flats method to color under lineart

-Using the Reference Layer tool in Manga Studio 5

-How to choose a proper color scheme from reference

-Limiting your color palette from the beginning

-What size and resolution you should work at in Manga Studio 5

-Why you should be careful not to zoom in too far into your illustration while working

-Viewing your artwork in a smaller, separate window to get a better composition

-How to color your lineart to add interest to your illustration

-Adding texture to a digital painting

-Adding sharp highlights to your pieces in the last step to increase interest

-Not being afraid to change the colors of your piece if they’re not working

I hope you find it helpful!
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