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Here is the coloring of my Nightmare on Chicago Street 2017 gig poster. It was fun to go to this outdoor concert, The streets were turned into something that you would see on the Walking Dead.

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This video shows how to digitally paint a colorful tiki head using my new set of custom Manga Studio brushes available for download for only $2.99.

100+ Brushes Available for $2.99 here:

Per request, I slowed this video down and added commentary to walk you through step-by-step the process I use to color a piece of artwork.

You’ll also hear tips on:

-Using the comic book flats method to color under lineart

-Using the Reference Layer tool in Manga Studio 5

-How to choose a proper color scheme from reference

-Limiting your color palette from the beginning

-What size and resolution you should work at in Manga Studio 5

-Why you should be careful not to zoom in too far into your illustration while working

-Viewing your artwork in a smaller, separate window to get a better composition

-How to color your lineart to add interest to your illustration

-Adding texture to a digital painting

-Adding sharp highlights to your pieces in the last step to increase interest

-Not being afraid to change the colors of your piece if they’re not working

I hope you find it helpful!
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I just finished Issue #2 of a promotional comic series for Consol Alliance, a shipping company in Australia. Here’s a step-by-step look into the complicated process of how I create comic book art.

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