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Here's the finished ink drawing I created for the Midwest Gaming Classic (which was unfortunately canceled). I drew tons of the arcade bad guys I grew up with – Donkey Kong, Bowser, Centipede, Mother Brain, Dr. Robtnik, and a bunch more. Luckily, they are still going to have this available on a t-shirt – I also have a limited series of posters printed up for this.#pinball #midwestgamingclassic #mgc2020 #videogames #arcade #retroarcade #sonicthehedgehog #mario #pinballart

DISC SUBSCRIPTION NOW AVAILABLEI'm so humbled and amazed by the support I've received for my Disc Golf discs! Nearly every monthly disc I've released has sold out.To show my appreciation, I'm offering a subscription option for 6 of the next discs to save you some money, and to guarantee you'll get one before they sell out.If you sign up for 6 discs (each one typically delivered each month) you get free shipping on all discs! (available in the US Only)•••Check it out in my shop:https://www.flylanddesigns.com/custom-illustrated-disc-golf-disc/#discgolf #frisbeegolf #discraftdiscs #teamdiscraft #discraft #disc #discart

Jared Moraitis from BeastWreck (work shown above) is one of my all-time favorite artists. So I was thrilled to learn that he often uses my custom Clip Studio Paint Brushes. Check out this kind testimonial he wrote for me:"Digital inking is something I reluctantly embraced due to necessity. I didn’t care for it at first, but that changed when I discovered Brian Allen’s sets of amazing inking tools for Manga Studio/Clip Paint. I’m amazed not only at the range of brushes he has created and made available, but also by the wonderful variety of lines, strokes and effects I am able to easily create with them. I know I can rely solely on these amazing tools and brushes to easily handle any sort of look or feel I might need to create (and even some that I had no idea I COULD create)"•••Check them out here:http://clipstudiopaintbrushes.com/•••#clipstudiopaint #csp #digitalart #digitalpainting #brushes #texturebrushes #mangastudio #illustration

Steven Spielberg Tribute I illustrated a while back was voted to be the next Disc Golf foil release for this month! What other Directors would you like to see a tribute to in this way? PREORDER the disc in my shop now – there will most likely only be 35 printed of this one.It's pretty incredible how these three movies have held up after so many decades. ET in particular is one my brothers and I know beat for beat.••••#stevenspielberg #spielbergtribute #movieart #directorart #directortribute #discgolf #frisbeegolf #discraftdiscs #teamdiscraft #discraft #disc