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Angry Mahi Mahi fish illustration

Angry Mahi Mahi fish I illustrated a while back that I’ve always loved. This image is available for licensing – let me know if you have a use for it, thanks! fishingapparel #fishingreel #fishinglure #instadaily #fishingislife #fishingart #sportsmen #outdoorsart #deepseafishing #fishingpicoftheday


Krampus with his sack of toys coming up behind a child playing in the snow. I had fun creating this Krampus for my on personal use. This artwork is available for licensing. https://www.flylanddesigns.com/licensing/

Attacks from Mars alternate Backglass

Here’s a shot of my Attack From Mars Alternate Acrylic Backglass in an AFM pinball – I have less than 10 of these left – they are limited edition, so we’ll never be printing them as 1/8″ Acrylic Backglasses ever again. Artwork drawn by me, and officially licensed from Williams. Let me know if you’d […]

Album cover WIP

WIP – Client work for an album cover. Drawing monsters like it’s my job because it is 😁 #art #originalartwork #mangastudio #clipstudiopaint #illustration #hireanillustrator #freelanceartist #wacomcintiq #wip

Bowser vs. Mario Tribute illustration

Every month, I release a new limited-edition metallic foil Discraft Buzzz disc golf disc with my artwork on it. This is the design for July – my reimagining of Bowser vs. Mario jacked up a bit. There were only 55 of these ever made. Signed and numbered, bagged with hang-tag. In stock and shipping right […]

Midwest Gaming Classic T-Shirt

I had the privilege of designing one of the T-Shirts for Midwest Gaming Classic this year, which, as you know, was cancelled due to COVID-19. I’m really proud of this piece, and I put everything I had into it.PLEASE consider helping them out by grabbing one of these T-Shirts from their website at Midwest Gaming […]

Aftershock Russ Logo

This was a Russ logo I created for a Russ group featuring two strong women holding guns in the apocalypse. The design was for apparel and a vehicle wrap for the russefeiring tradition.  If you haven’t heard of it, basically russefeiring involves an entire class of Norwegian students renting a bus (a Russebuss), painting every […]

Pirate Head Mascot

Pirate head with eye patch, gold earrings and had with skull and crossbones and bullet hole I created this design for Great Dane Graphics This artwork is available for licensing. https://www.flylanddesigns.com/licensing/

Eagle Mascot Head

Eagle head with its mouth open as if screeching. This eagle would be a great mascot for any patriotic team. I created this design for Great Dane Graphics This artwork is available for licensing. https://www.flylanddesigns.com/licensing/

Tiger Mascot Head

This angry looking Tiger head would make a great mascot for any team. I created this design for Great Dane Graphics This artwork is available for licensing. https://www.flylanddesigns.com/licensing/

Cyborg Firefighter

This was a graphic I created for Fire Fighters a while back that I touched up recently. I’ve always been a little clumsy at digital painting (I prefer ink line-art), but I thought this turned out well enough. This graphic is available for licensing if you can use it for your crew, let me know, […]

Williams Mashup Character Illustration

Here’s the finished Williams/Bally Pinball Mashup I created! Officially licensed through Williams. Available on Translites, posters, and banners.It was really run to mess around with these iconic characters a little and add my own style to them. Did I leave any games out that should have been in this? Grab one here: https://www.flylanddesigns.com/product-category/pinball-and-arcade-artwork/ #williams #bally […]

Williams Pinball Mashup Inks

Here were the final inks for my Williams/Bally mashup – I created this for a series of posters and Translites for game rooms and pinball fans. It’s officially licensed from Williams/Bally! I’ll share the colors next week – thanks for all the positivity on this! #williams #bally #pinballart #pinballartwork #pinball #pinballmachine #playfield #backglass

Williams Mashup line art

Here’s another close-up of the line-art drawing for my new Williams/Bally mash-up poster and Translite! Had so much fun with this – so many iconic characters to mess around with.•••• #williams #bally #pinballart #pinballartwork #pinball #pinballmachine #playfield #backglass #translite

New Pinball Translite work in progress

New Translite and Poster on its way! I thought it would be fun to illustrate a mash-up tribute of the most iconic Williams/Bally characters in pinball history in my own style – here’s a snapshot of the line-art drawing. Attack From Mars, Fish Tales, and Bride of Pinbot.•••• #williams #bally #pinballart #pinballartwork #pinball #pinballmachine #playfield […]

Flintstones Parody

Flintstones parody illustration I created a while back that I always dug – with the characters drawn to look more like Cavemen. Printed this on a limited edtion foil disc a while back too and luckily sold them all. Thanks for your support! #art #flintstones #cartoonparody #mangastudio #clipstudiopaint #illustration #hireanillustrator #freelanceartist #wacomcintiq

Bowser Parody Illustration

MEGA BOWSER! Mario character redesign I created for a line of trading cards – How does he blow fire like that without singing his tongue? #mario #supermario #mariofanart #bowser #nintendofanart #mascot #characterdesign #characterdesigner #conceptartist #mascotdesign #characterart

New Gateway Wizard Disc

Here’s the last edition of my Wizard artwork -this one is “Murdered Out” Black foil on a Black disc. It’s a really cool subtle look. This variant is a limited edtion of 40 – signed and numbered by me. Gateway Wizard – Thanks for all your support!LET ME KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE ONE – they […]

New Hemp Foil Disc

I’m making this series of foil-stamped disc golf discs with my Wizard artwork on Mint Green Hemp discs from Gateway! This is my first batch of stamped foil discs – can’t wait to see how they turn out.Please let me know if you’d like one.Made from hemp and recycled rubber. #hemp #wizard #discgolf #frisbeegolf #gatewaydiscs […]

Voodoo Hot Sauce bottle design

Here’s the final mold and paintjob for the special cap I designed for the Shrunken Headz Hot Sauce bottles. So awesome to see something I drew come to life in 3 dimensions! #hotsauce #hotsaucelabel #labeldesign #packagedesign #logodesign #logodesigner #logoconcept #logoart #logoinspiration

Cat and Dog singing on Fence

Cat and Dog illustration I created for a client’s packaging design many years back – this was for a line of dog treats that freshened breath. #cartooncat #cartoondog #mascot #characterdesign #characterdesigner #conceptartist #mascotdesign #characterart

Hot Sauce Bottle Cap Design

Check this out! I even designed the plastic cap for the hot sauce labels at Shrunken Headz Hot Sauce. I illustrated a 3D turn-around and a sculptor came up with this based on my drawings. So cool! #hotsauce #hotsaucelabel #labeldesign #packagedesign #logodesign #logodesigner #logoconcept #logoart #logoinspiration

Fireman Leprechaun

I created this Fireman Leprechaun for Saint Patricks Day 2020. This was a personal piece that I did where the leprechaun is holding a fire hose with an axe on his back. This artwork is available for licensing. https://www.flylanddesigns.com/licensing/

Disc Golf Discs shipped!

All my discs are now wrapped up, and shipped out!! (except for a couple that requested ink drawings on the back – I’m working on those now). Most are SOLD OUT, except for “Dead and Deader.”Thank you so much for your patience everyone. I know that some of you were waiting quite a long time […]

Flipping Off Cancer Pinball Logo

I had the chance to be part of this really cool and helpful project. Silverball Swag had me create this “Flipping Off Cancer” logo for to raise money for Cancer research among the Pinball Community.‍Profits from merch will be distributed between the American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.‍Help them out at Silverball […]