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I'll have 100 of these limited edition signed prints at the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival this Saturday, hope to see you there!I found a new printer that does really great full-bleed prints with archival ink, really nice thick paper. Going to be using them for all my prints from now [email protected] #legalizePA #electriccity #penncannafest#cannabisart #marijuanaartist #cannabiscommunity#psychedelicart #meditation #trippyart #cannabisart #mushroomart #marijuanaartist #cannabiscommunity

Poster design for the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival I created. Here are the inks, drawn in Clip Studio Paint with a Wacom Cintiq – ready for color. Scranton has a rich history in mining and power generation, so we thought it would be cool to draw a Cannabis Miner, holding a lantern transformed into a bong.I'll be at the convention this weekend, anyone planning on [email protected] #legalizePA #electriccity #penncannafest#cannabisart #marijuanaartist #cannabiscommunity

Tribute poster I created for the Jules Verne gallery show in London going on right now. I picked Journey to the Center of the Earth because Dinosaurs and giant mushrooms. Thanks to my friends at Hire and Illustrator for putting this show together. Turned out to be one of my favorite pieces. I've got signed prints available if you want to grab one!#julesverneexpo #posterillustration #wacomcintiq #psychedelicart https://www.flylanddesigns.com/shop/

Here's the finished tribute alternative pinball backglass I created with Back Alley Creations that we are debuting at the Texas Pinball Festival this weekend! The whole piece took over 35 hours, and is a reimagining of the amazing classic Monster Bash artwork. We printed them on full-size acrylic backglasses – looks amazing in a lightbox or on the machine. Available in my shop now!I snuck in some of my favorite modern hovie monsters (Leatherface, Chucky, Freddy, etc) into the crowd. Can you find the others?Grab one at https://www.flylanddesigns.com/shop/#tpf2019 3monsterbash #pinballart #pinballartwork #pinball #pinballmachine #playfield #backglass

Taking orders now on my Zombie Headphones March's LE Artist Series disc. Printed on Metallic Foil, on high-quality Discraft discs. Only 50 will ever be made. Only the 10 I sell directly will have my signature. Hand numbered and signed COA included. I found a way to reduce the production costs, so I reduced the price to $32.99. PM me or grab one in the shop. Who wants one?#discgolf #frisbeegolf #discraftdiscs #teamdiscraft #detroitdisccompany #disc

Check out the size of my Alien Pinball Backglass! Message me if you want one! A while back, I was commissioned to create a backglass for the official Alien pinball machine. But due to a gypsy curse, the company fell apart before these could be massively produced, and I never received the backglass I was promised (frowny face). But I ran into a company that produced one for me after all this time, and it's so cool! It's printed on 1/8" thick translucent acrylic, so light shines through it. I need to build a lightbox for it.We made a couple if anyone wants one.#alien #pinball #backglassart #alienpinball #translite

Here's a snapshot of the finished pirate skull design I created for Harley Davidson – I experimented here with a process of penciling the artwork digitally, and then coloring and painting underneath, and then smoothing out the pencil lines until they become seamless. I'm happy with the results, but it still feels clumsy to me.#harleydavidson #harleydavidsonmotorcycles #harleyart#skullart #skulls #skulldesign #darkartist #darkart #skullartwork

You may remember me posting last year that I designed the LE Alien pinball backglass. It's a long story, but the company fell apart before it was massively produced (due to a family curse), and I never received the backglass I was supposed to get :( But I found a company that produced one for me, and I just received it. It's STUNNING! 26" square, 1/8" inch thick reverse-printed on acrylic translucent plastic. The colors are so vibrant when backlit!I have it in my window right now like a demented stain-glass window. Going to build a light box for it soon. If anyone is interested in getting one, PM me.#alienpinball #pinballart #pinballartwork #pinball #pinballmachine #playfield #backglass