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I created this mascot character for the internet security firm Talos, of a cyborg cyber-crime-fighter.  The brand approached me with the task of designing a character that would be used on their website and other marketing materials.  We went through a few sketches in the beginning, exploring different options, and eventually arrived at the idea of having a realistic looking, futuristic cyborg, projecting the logo from its arm.#art #illustration #charactor #robot #mascot #freelance #FlylandDesigns New Artwork From Instagram

I was hired to design this logo paying tribute to the Phantom, or Fantomet as he’s known in Norway, for apparel and a vehicle wrap for the russefeiring tradition.  If you haven’t heard of it, basically russefeiring involves an entire class of Norwegian students renting a bus (a Russebuss), painting every inch of it with really cool street art, and then partying in it night and day for an entire month during graduation.  The different classes wear their designs ever where they go as they clash with rival classes.  I’ve done a bunch of these now, and really enjoy it.#art #illustration #russ #logo #phantom #freelance #FlylandDesigns New Artwork From Instagram

"Hey Brian, is there anywhere we can hear you drone on about how great you are for an hour and a half?"So glad you asked! Abbott at The Creative Cohorts Podcast did me the honor recently of interviewing me about art stuff if you care to give it a listen. https://soundcloud.com/creativecohortspodcast/episode33The host did an awesome job of picking me apart – I was seriously reflecting on some of the answers I gave for a couple days. Kind of like free therapy.This is my first time doing something like this, so I'd really apprecaite your feedback.#art #podcast #hotair New Artwork From Instagram