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New #CheechandChong #Zombie tribute #t-shirt available at TeePublic.com This is a complete redesign of a piece of #artwork I did many years ago, that proved to be really popular. I loved the previous design, but there were always a bunch of things about it that bugged me. So I decided to redraw it from the ground up and make improvements and test my new skills. I'm so glad I did!⠀Illustrated by Brian Allen, FlylandDesigns.com⠀#weed #marijuana #420 #mangastudio #photoshop #illustration #tshirt #art #instaart #instaartist #picoftheday #igdaily #followme New Artwork From Instagram

#Zombie #Cheech illustration I drew based on a similar design I did years ago. I was never happy with the likeness in the first design – I think this version adds a lot more character to the face and looks a lot more like our pot-smoking friend. Illustrated in Clip Studio Paint.⠀⠀#Illustratred in #ClipStudioPaint.⠀Illustrated by Brian Allen, FlylandDesigns.com⠀#mangastudio #photoshop #illustration #tshirt #art #weed #pot #marijuana #instaart #instaartist #picoftheday #igdaily #followme New Artwork From Instagram

#Zombie #Chong! I think this face is also a much better improvement from my original – better colors and details. Also, I thought the characters in the first design were too stiff – these have more "life" to them (or less life, in this case?). ⠀⠀#Illustratred in #ClipStudioPaint.⠀Illustrated by Brian Allen, FlylandDesigns.com⠀#mangastudio #photoshop #illustration #tshirt #art #weed #pot #marijuana #instaart #instaartist #picoftheday #igdaily #followme New Artwork From Instagram

T-Shirt illustration I created of a mutated Chem Dawg with three heads for a marijuana-themed apparel line.  Each shirt in the collection celebrates a different strain.  The client wanted me to illustrate a big crazy mutated, and glowing dog standing in a spilled container of toxic waste.  I thought it would be funny to have each of the three heads to be a different dog breed with a different personality.  More to come in this series! This design was created for direct-to-garment silk-screening.⠀#art #illustration #tshirt #chemdawg #marijuana #weed #freelance #FlylandDesigns New Artwork From Instagram

Book cover illustration of a zombie usher enjoying a fresh box of buttered brains in a movie theater I illustrated for Phillip Cerreta’s new movie trivia book, “The Monster Book of Movie Monster Trivia.” The client came to me with the idea of having a zombie in a theater enjoying a box of brains as if it were popcorn, and I thought it would be funny to dress him up in a tattered usher’s uniform.  I love finding new ways to draw zombies!⠀#art #illustration #bookcover #usher #zombie #freelance #FlylandDesigns New Artwork From Instagram

Military Brats

This was a fun illustration I created for a client for their apparel brand that caters to military families. The design, Military Brats, depicts the children of Navy, Marines, Army, and Airforce soldiers emerging from a moving box on a base, coping with the uncertain life of constant upheaval from base to base.

This fine piece of #artwork was made by the insanely talented #KennyPoppins. I can spend hours pouring over this guy's work – and he's such a friendly dude, too. Go follow his work!⠀I was honored to find that he has been using my #ClipStudioPaint #brushes that I sell on my website. Here is a bit of what he had to say about them:⠀“These brushes work magnificently and look even better! These brushes are now my primary painting and #drawing tools." – Kenny Poppins New Artwork From Instagram

I was hired to design this logo of Zeus among two ordinary mortals in togas for apparel and a vehicle wrap for the russefeiring tradition.  If you haven’t heard of it, basically russefeiring involves an entire class of Norwegian students renting a bus (a Russebuss), painting every inch of it with really cool street art, and then partying in it night and day for an entire month during graduation.  The different classes wear their designs ever where they go as they clash with rival classes.  I’ve done a bunch of these now, and really enjoy it.⠀#art #illustration #russ #logo #freelance #FlylandDesigns New Artwork From Instagram

Logo design I illustrated of a punk rock blowfish for a vaping brand called Blowfish Competition Vape. When we started, the only concept we had was the name “Blowfish Vapes,” so I experimented with a few different styles of blowfish, including one that was a salty pirate. We like the concept of making the blowfish a punk rocker with a mohawk and piercings, including a big hook through his lip. I tried to use a color palette with high contrast so it would stand out when it’s printed on the small label that goes on a vaping label.⠀#vaping #blowfish #logo #ejuice #art New Artwork From Instagram

I created these concept illustrations of a steampunk family of adventurers for an educational publisher called Bogardpress.  The character designs will be used to illustrate their educational materials and lessons.  Each year the team uses a different theme and concept to tie their lessons together.  I really enjoyed the whole process, from developing the characters in sketches, to coloring and rendering the final versions.  I tried to add a bit of style into the characters to keep them from becoming generic.  I especially enjoyed creating the robot character.⠀#art #illustration #characterdesign #steampunk #freelance #FlylandDesigns New Artwork From Instagram

Digitally painted t-shirt illustration of an evil skull with wings and barbaric weapons I created for the dark apparel company Spiral Direct. This was inspired by a similar design I had done in the past, but taken in a more realistic rendering direction. It was a lot of fun exploring the same subject matter in a different style – it’s a great way to discover the limitations and strengths of a particular method.⠀#art #illustration #skull #tshirt #freelance #FlylandDesigns New Artwork From Instagram

#StephenBunnell of #Cryface Design has been one of my favorite #t-shirt #artists for quite some time – check out his work RIGHT NOW. He uses the #ClipStudioPaint #brushes I sell on my website and had these kind words to say about them:⠀ “Brian’s brushes are some of the most useful and robust tools that a digital illustrator using manga studio can have.” – Stephen Bunnell (Cryface Design)⠀Thanks so much man, means the world to me! New Artwork From Instagram

Digitally painted illustration of an angry Rottweiler taking a bite out of a big Piston for the racing brand Commando Racing Gear.  This was a fun challenge to work on, because drawing realistic dogs, especially specific breeds, can be very tricky to get just right.  I’m pretty happy with the result.  This design will be separated to print with simulated process silk-screening and sold at drag racing shows and shops.⠀#art #illustration #tshirt #rottweiler #racing #freelance #FlylandDesigns New Artwork From Instagram