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Join Tammy Coron and Tim Mitra on Episode 85, which was recorded on May 10, 2017. On this episode they talk with Me about my work! Check it out here : http://roundaboutfm.com/episode-85-brian-allen/

I can FINALLY post this! Official Alien illustration I created for the backglass of the new Limited Edition Pinball Machine licensed from 20th Century Fox and built by Heighway Pinball!!! Exclamation points!!⠀We had to turn this around on a super quick deadline, racing to release the artwork on Alien Day in 2017. HR Giger, the genius behind the Alien creature concept, was one of my very first artistic inspirations when I was a kid, so it was a great compliment to be able to play around in his shadow a little.#pinballart #pinball #alienpinball #alien #giger #backglass #heighway New Artwork From Instagram

Here's the finished #poster I was commissioned to design for the new #documentary about the #Phyrst bar in #StateCollege, Pennsylvania by #BlueWhiteTV. The client wanted a crazy vintage #60's color scheme to set the tone for the theme so I went with lots of yellows and purples. Awesome to be a part of this production! If you want a t-shirt, they are taking orders until 3PM EST today.⠀Illustrated by Brian Allen, FlylandDesigns.com⠀#gigposter #tshirt #mangastudio #photoshop #illustration #art #instaart #instaartist New Artwork From Instagram

#License my #art as a #tattoo, it will change your life! A lot of fine people have been getting my #artwork tattooed on their bodies, and man, what a huge compliment that is! But a lot of the images they've been using as reference were low-resolution, which doesn't always produce the best result. SO – I've set up a product in my shop that will grant you permission to tattoo my artwork for a small $35 USD fee – I'll also send a high-res version of the artwork so that the tattoo will look as sweet as possible. I shamelessly stole this idea from two fantastic artists, Absorb 81 and Chris Ryniak http://www.flylanddesigns.com/shop/⠀#tattoo #flash #lineart #art New Artwork From Instagram