Inking Tutorial With Custom Brushes in Manga Studio 5 (with Commentary)

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This video shows how to digitally paint a colorful tiki head using my new set of custom Manga Studio brushes available for download for only $2.99.

100+ Brushes Available for $2.99 here:

Per request, I slowed this video down and added commentary to walk you through step-by-step the process I use to ink a piece of artwork.

You’ll also hear tips on:

-How to ink digitally from a pencil drawing in Manga Studio 5

-Converting pencil drawing to blue line for easier inking

-Always have a second window of your artwork open zoomed out at a small size

-What brush settings and brush presets I use when inking

-Start with the outlines or key lines when inking, and then go back in and add rendering and shading.

-Using the feathering technique to shape unique line work.

-Inking with quick, fluid motions to produce more natural, expressive lines

-Recommendation of the Razer Nostromo gaming pad for digital artists

-How to use the Lasso Fill tool in Manga Studio to create expressive ink shapes

-Being careful not too add too much detail and rendering – remember that you need to leave room for the coloring!

I hope you find it helpful! Please post questions in the comments.

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