Character design sketches of the

Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Design

Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Design

Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers, the NHL hockey team, hired me to design the costume for their new mascot, completely from scratch.
I began the project by sketching over 20 different possible mascots, including, bats, bulls, groundhogs, dragons, tough guys, yetis, and even a flying squirrel.

Once the client saw the sketches, they picked a big dumpy monster I had drawn as the starting point. After several iterations, including different wing styles and facial expressions, we landed on their new mascot, which I had nicknamed “Benny.” Once the sketch stage was complete, I drew the monster in a turn-around to help the costume designers get an idea of how the mascot looked in three dimensions. This will easily be one of the most memorable projects of my whole career, and it’s an honor to be part of the team’s rich history permanently.

Client Testimonial:
Thank you again for all your great work throughout the project! Appreciate the quality work, quick turnarounds and accommodating the many changes we sent your way.
Ben DiCandilo
Philadelphia Flyers, Marketing Manager

Character design sketches of the

© Brian Allen 2016

Character design sketches of the

© Brian Allen 2016

Character design sketches of the

© Brian Allen 2016

The full story behind the creation of Gritty:

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