How to ink zombies for a laser-cut skateboard in Manga Studio

Here’s a video of how to ink for a laser-cut skateboard.

I was recently hired to conceptualize and illustrate a team of Superhero zombies to be laser-engraved into skateboards by Revenga (www.revengaskateboards.com).

While designing, I also had to structure the design so the layout could be changed to fit a T-Shirt as well. I made sure to keep the characters masked on separate layers, that way moving them around at the end was relatively easy.

We also created a silk-screen color version for boards and shirts, using around 6 colors.

Thanks for watching, please post any questions in the comments.

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–What software do you use?
Manga Studio 5 EX and Adobe Photoshop CC

–What tablet do you use? Wacom Cintiq 24HD, and sometimes a Wacom Companion 1

–What computer do you use?

–What brushes do you use?
I use variants I created from the stock brushes in Manga Studio 5, as well as brushes I purchased from Ray Frenden.

–How much time does an illustration take?
Projects vary greatly, but I would say a good average would be 8 hours.

–People actually pay you to do this all day?
I know, right?


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