Speed Inking and Coloring of Evil Dead 2 Necronomicon

I am excited to share a speed inking and coloring Video of the Necronomicon I illustrated for an officially licensed Evil Dead 2 line of apparel. I am very happy with how it turned out!
If you are interested in a print you can get one here:

Cheech and Chong Speed Inks

Silk-screen t-shirt illustration I created in tribute to the legendary Cheech and Chong from Up In Smoke with the characters as weed-eating, brain-smoking zombies.
I drew this artwork in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) with a Wacom Cintiq. This is inspired by an illustration I created years ago – I wanted to test out my new skills, and design something that was more fitting for a t-shirt and filled out the front more (the previous design was too square). I also wasn’t happy with the likeness of the characters in the first design, so I drew everything from the ground up, and added a lot of elements from the films and really tried to do my best to capture the spirit of these marijuana legends.

cartoon sasquatch playing the gu

Drawing Sasquatch for a gig poster

How I inked a gig poster in Clip Studio Paint of BigFoot shredding on his guitar for Squatchfest in Kane Pennsylvania

Inking of Nightmare on Chicago Street

Here is the Inking of my Nightmare on Chicago Street 2017 gig poster. It was fun to go to this outdoor concert, The streets were turned into something that you would see on the Walking Dead.

Dark illustration of a skull, crow, and zombie for an album cover

Speed-Inking Tutorial in Manga Studio for Album Cover Illustration

Speed-Inking Tutorial video I created for the process of digitally inking an album cover for the Brazillian band John Wayne in Manga Studio 5 (Clip Studio Paint) with a Wacom Cintiq 24HD.

The album cover I illustrated was for the Brazilian heavy metal band John Wayne (named after John Wayne Gacy – not the other guy). It was a great pleasure working on this with the band, as they gave me a lot of freedom, and I set upon the design without much planning, and tried to let it flow. This album cover is the first in a set of two albums, that when placed together will form one cohesive image. This album represents the dark side, while the following album will have a similar design, but mirrored, and “lighter.”
You can purchase the album here:

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Laser-engraved skateboard design of a team of zombie superheroes

How to ink zombies for a laser-cut skateboard in Manga Studio

Here’s a video of how to ink for a laser-cut skateboard.

I was recently hired to conceptualize and illustrate a team of Superhero zombies to be laser-engraved into skateboards by Revenga (

While designing, I also had to structure the design so the layout could be changed to fit a T-Shirt as well. I made sure to keep the characters masked on separate layers, that way moving them around at the end was relatively easy.

We also created a silk-screen color version for boards and shirts, using around 6 colors.

Thanks for watching, please post any questions in the comments.

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–What software do you use?
Manga Studio 5 EX and Adobe Photoshop CC

–What tablet do you use? Wacom Cintiq 24HD, and sometimes a Wacom Companion 1

–What computer do you use?

–What brushes do you use?
I use variants I created from the stock brushes in Manga Studio 5, as well as brushes I purchased from Ray Frenden.

–How much time does an illustration take?
Projects vary greatly, but I would say a good average would be 8 hours.

–People actually pay you to do this all day?
I know, right?


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