How To Create Custom Brushes In Manga Studio 5

Here is a short video tutorial I created showing how to create custom brushes in Manga Studio 5.  One major problem I kept running into was that every time I created a new brush, it would only paint in black.  I finally figured out the simple trick on how to make a custom brush in Manga Studio paint in color.  Shame on Smith Micro for not making this clearer!  But I can’t stay mad you Manga Studio…

I discovered Manga Studio about a year and a half ago, and I believe it’s helped bring my artwork to a new level – and made the act of drawing so much more enjoyable and intuitive.

But there are a couple of things about Manga Studio that aren’t as intuitive as Adobe Photoshop.  The brush engine is far more complex (which can be a good thing), which makes for some frustrating hair-pulling at first glance.

Here is a direct link to the video if it’s not loading correctly:

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  1. hobz
    hobz says:

    thanks soooo mush bc you just solved an issue that has been driving me nuts for months. this was the single biggest problem i was having w MS5

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    The default on Brushes in MS5 is Grayscale. If your layer is set to grey when you save your material as a brush tip. You can then use that brush in any color you like. However if say you have a “Hairbrush” that has several colors in the palette then yes just save for Blonde, Brun, Red, Black and use Multiple layers to hone and highlight the color.

    My own personal trouble is getting a ribbon brush to work without laying down really ugly seams. Still tweaking my DAZ brushes.

  3. Julia Lee
    Julia Lee says:

    This is so great, thanks for the tutorial! I just started with manga drawing and I wanted to make some brushes so thanks, this is very helpful! If you ever make a tutorial about drawing and tips, something like this I would really much like to read it and it would be very helpful for all readers that are beginners, and would like to improve :)) keep it up!


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