Zeus Comic Book Character design

Zeus Character Design

Character mascot design I created of Zeus wielding a lightning bolt.

Zeus Comic Book Character design

© Brian Allen 2016

Zeus and lightning bolt men in togas

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Found this same Zeus artwork on Play Station Network (PSN) as a PS4 avatar. Hope your being paid for you’re artist royalties. Company name selling on PS4 is called “Tank2.0” They are selling this exact art with a black background. If you’re licensing it, cool. If not, get what’s owed to you. Good luck! And keep up the rad work! :)

    • Brian Allen
      Brian Allen says:

      Thanks for looking out – I do sell that graphic on vector stock websites, so they probably got it there. It’s a mixed bag though – I probably only got paid $1 for them to buy it once, and then resell it as avatars. So I don’t get any further royalties. I don’t have much listed on stock art sites for this reason.


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