My top 3 favorite Freelance Illustration and Design Podcasts

Freelancing solo can be a pretty lonely gig. I try to keep in touch with other artists I’ve met to exchange tips and guidance (and also a lot of complaining and whining) – but everyone has a pretty busy schedule, and it can be hard to make time.

So I started listening to art and design podcasts, which are packed with useful direction and inspiration. I’ve learned more from listening to these shows about contracts, agents, clients, technique, pricing, copyrights, and more than I probably had ever known.  You can listen to these in iTunes, or straight from their websites.

Here are my top three favorites:

1. Adventures in Design

Easily my favorite podcast in general, not just about design.  I have learned so much from these guys.  They are also incredibly funny, so it really makes the time fly while working listening to their commentary.  Their focus goes far beyond just gig posters (which both artists got their start in), and branches into illustration, graphic design, and most of all, the business of freelancing.  They are also brutally honest and candid.  They often interview very talented artists on the show as well, which brings in a lot of different perspectives.

And finally, you get the feeling that these guys are leaders in fighting for freelance artist’s rights –  defending against the horrors of design contests, spec work, low-pay, and other naughty things.
I highly recommend this – I recently discovered it, so I’m still catching up (I’m on episode 25).  The show is still ongoing.


2. Big Illustration Party Time

The format of this show is actually similar to Adventures in Design:  two talented artists with different but complimentary personalities talking shop about freelance illustration and design.  Unfortunately, the show is no longer ongoing, but there are 54 episodes which cover everything from artist agents, pricing, contracts, and other important things.  I find it so helpful because these are things that as freelancers we all need to know – yet they are difficult things to discuss with your peers because we are all at the same time colleagues and competitors.  What I take away the most after listening to this show is that no matter what level you are at currently, all freelance artists are fighting the same battles.


3. Art & Story

This podcast is also no longer on-going, but there are almost 200 episodes in the archives.  This podcast explores freelance illustration from the comic book market perspective.  I don’t work much in that market, however, I still found their interviews and tips very helpful.

What are your favorites?

Please let me know in the comments – I’m sure I’m missing some good ones.

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