20 of the best Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5) Features that make it better than Adobe Photo Shop

Here is the full Clip Studio Paint/Wacom webinar I did last week. We had connectivity issues, so the entire video has been re-edited so it is jitter free with a silk-smooth finish.
Thanks to CLIP STUDIO PAINT for inviting me to do this – and thanks to all who asked questions.
ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? I’d be happy to answer them here since the Q&A was a little short due to my rambling.

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  1. Jake Rupert
    Jake Rupert says:

    Hi Brian,

    such a great help!
    But on 31:20 how do I get to this treshhold menue for the obj file?
    I am hoping to revive the old toonshader look from Manga Studio 5.0 somehow that way.

    Thanks a lot


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