Disc Golf Discs shipped!

All my discs are now wrapped up, and shipped out!! (except for a couple that requested ink drawings on the back – I’m working on those now). Most are SOLD OUT, except for “Dead and Deader.”
Thank you so much for your patience everyone. I know that some of you were waiting quite a long time for these, due to the factory COVID shutdown. We’re working on a plan to make sure that delay doesn’t happen again.
Also, thanks so much to Discraft, for working behind the scenes to get these to me as fast as they could. I’ve ordered hundreds and hundreds of discs from them now, and have never once had a scratch, misprint, or incorrect quantity. They are truly the best!

We’ll be focusing on “Dead and Deader” in June, and then getting back to a regular schedule again with a new LE Foil Buzzz.

Thanks for your support!

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