Rattle snake coiled around rifle

Don’t Tread on Me Snake and Gun T-shirt Design

Rattle snake coiled around rifle

Hey man, don’t tread on my badass illustration of a rattlesnake and his fully loaded rifle. It’s just not a good idea.

Licensing this for your own custom patriot t-shirt design though? GREAT idea.

This pre-existing artwork is available for licensing, for most uses.

All of the images are high-resolution, at least 14 inches tall/wide, and are separated from their backgrounds.

Once you purchase a license to an image, I will send you a layered Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator file (depending on the type of artwork), along with a licensing agreement.

I can also modify the images (ie. place them on templates, add your logo, change colors) for an additional fee.

All text can be modified.

Available for licensing here:

Skeleton Rider Patriot T-Shirt Design


Hard Ride Clothing


T-Shirt illustration I created for Hard Ride Saloon, featuring a skeleton patriot riding a dire wolf away from a burning Illuminati pyramid. Try saying that three times fast! The client’s idea was to have the patriot character changing the sheep into wolves as he rides past, waving the american flag. This design is 100% ‘Merica!
Hard Ride Saloon A Sheep No More

Hard Ride Saloon A Sheep No More

Hard Ride Saloon A Sheep No More

Illustrationd by Freelance Artist Brian Allen

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