Cute little polar bear cub smili

Elementary School Polar Bear Mascot Logo Design


Nome Elementary School


Elementary school mascot redesign I was commissioned to create of a polar bear for this school in Alaska.

We produced a series of sketches in different styles and positions, and then had the students of the school vote and pick the best direction. Really fun group to work with, and they were thrilled with the result. The graphic was set up as a vector to be easily printable in all sorts of situations.

Magical Fantasy Imaginative Children’s Book Illustrations


Darius Walker


Fantasy children’s book I illustrated for author Darius Walker about a family that rides a magical pirate ship bed into a strange world.

This was probably my favorite children’s book to date, because it’s strange and surreal tone really lended itself perfectly to my quirky illustration style. It’s not often that I can illustrate monsters, robots, and pirates in the same book!

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