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Eternal Life and Fitness


Silk-screen design of a skeleton hand holding a rose I designed for a t-shirt.  This is about as much of my feminine side as you’ll ever see!  Created for a fitness brand of apparel to be sold at their gyms and front their website.

Skeleton hand holding rose silk-screen Skeleton hand holding rose silk-screen Skeleton hand holding rose silk-screen

How do I describe this project? The NYC musicians, We Chief, hired me to create a simple animated image to advertise their new single. The concept was inspired from the title of the song, “Gyals From Brooklyn,” and they wanted the artwork to be minimalistic and colorful. Oh, and they also wanted three giant butts walking toward the Brooklyn bridge.
This was a lot of fun to illustrate, and even more fun to animate!


Animation for Band's New Album Release

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Mascot character designs I created for Sassy Princess Spa, a spa catering to young girls. We had previously developed these characters as younger versions in spa attire. This time, my client needed the girls dressed up in trendy clothing and a little more grown-up for a tv commercial they were producing.

Check them out here.

Character mascot illustrations of young trendy girls

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Tag Archive for: girls