T-Shirt Design Brief

  • About Your Design:

    Please take the time to fill out this quick questionnaire about your design. The more information I have, the better the final product will be.
  • Describe your idea(s) for the front of the shirt and include ALL necessary text:
  • Describe your idea(s) for the front of the shirt and include ALL necessary text:
  • You can select more than one
  • If you don't know the names of the pieces, you can just describe them - I know them very well!
  • T-Shirt Printing:

  • The difference between Direct-To-Garment vs. Silk-Screening can be complicated. But it's important for me to know which method we are using, because it determines how I set up the artwork. In general DTG can produce more detailed results with more colors, but it's usually (but not always) more expensive to print. Silk-screen limits the artwork a bit because you pay the printer per color, and the colors can't mix together the same way as with process printing - but it can usually be cheaper to print.
  • T-Shirt Size: (what is the maximum size you can print?)

    Please check with your printer, as they use different screen sizes. I typically set up designs at 13x19 inches by default
  • About Your Business:

    It really helps me to learn as much as possible about your business in order to create best possible image for you.
  • About Your Customers:

  • You can choose ore than one.
  • You can select as many as you want, and/or add items that aren't listed.
  • Final Comments:

  • If you have more images you'd like to share for inspiration or reference that you haven't shown me yet, please attach them here:
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 512 MB.

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