Revenga Skateboards


I was recently hired to conceptualize and illustrate a team of Superhero zombies to be laser-engraved into skateboards by Revenga.  It was challenging to pump a ton of detail in the board, while making sure to keep the lines bold enough as to not cause much trouble in the engraving process.

While designing, I also had to structure the design so the layout could be changed to fit a T-Shirt as well. I made sure to keep the characters masked on separate layers, that way moving them around at the end was relatively easy.

We also created a silk-screen color version for boards and shirts, using around 6 colors.

Client Testimonial:

They look just as amazing! Everyone is giving compliments about the graphic because it’s very cool!

-Martina Ieffa

Revenga Skateboards

You can purchase it here:

To see a speed-painting tutorial of how this illustration was made: