Angry skull with cigar in his mo


Commando Racing Gear


I created this mascot and logo design for a team of drag-racer’s new line of merchandise and apparel.  The client wanted a tough, dark, militant mascot character that could later be drawn in other situations and shenanigans.  We went through a few sketches at the beginning that were a bit too light, and eventually arrived at RAD, the skeletal, drag-racing warrior you see before you!  The mascot and logo was prepared for both limited color silk-screening and full-color printing, to maximize the usage.

I created this fun t-shirt design for Commando Racing Gear – a hardcore skeleton! We went through a couple different [and equally exciting] designs but eventually settled on this one. I had a lot of fun with this!

Client Testimonial:

If you were closer, I’d hug you!!! We absolutely love it.

-Steve Kanner