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I was invited to teach on SkillShare!

I was humbled recently to be invited to teach a class on SkillShare, a really great website that has a TON of very cheap tutorials. I found it through some of my favorite artists, Patrick Brown, and Chris Parks of Pale Horse Design who both taught really helpful classes there.

Now I have to come up with something worth teaching. What would you like to learn from me? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Some options:
1. T-Shirt design and setup in Manga Studio and Photoshop
2. Illustrated Mascot/Logo design
3. How to act way cooler than you actually are

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  1. Mario Chacon
    Mario Chacon says:


    I would love to see a full tutorial on a t-shirt design on Skillshare. I hope to see you on Skillshare with your tutorial soon. I’ll definitely be purchasing whatever tutorial you end up doing. I’m a big fan of your artwork!!! Now back to practicing my Manga Studio skills.. I’ve got a long ways to go!!! Thanks for the great artwork you share with us all!!!! God Bless


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