Custom Illustrated Pinball Artwork

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Offical Alien Pinball Machine Back-Glass Illustration

Easily one of my favorite projects ever! Official Alien illustration I created for the backglass of the new Limited Edition Pinball Machine licensed from 20th Century Fox and built by Heighway Pinball.
We had to turn this around on a super quick deadline, racing to release the artwork on Alien Day in 2017. The illustration is huge – twenty eight inches square, so I had to pump a ton of detail in every nook and cranny. HR Giger, the genius behind the Alien creature concept, was one of my very first artistic inspirations when I was a kid, so it was a great compliment to be able to play around in his shadow a little.

Photo of backglass pinball illus

Custom Illustrated Bayside Pinball Logo

I illustrated a Skull pinball for the Bayside Pinball Club. 

Custom Designed Breaking Bad Pinball Playfield

 A private collector hired me to completely redesign his pinball playfield with a custom Breaking Bad theme. We started the process by photographing the original Judge Dredd pinball table, and scanning it into the computer. I then started carefully drawing the different Breaking Bad characters into positions that would make sense for the game. I tried to draw as many characters as I could fit, like Gus Fring, Hank, Jesse Pinman, Mike, Saul Goodman, Skyler, Tuco, and of course, Heisenberg. The client had a bunch of great ideas, such as adding in the pink teddy bear, and the fly that drove Walter White on a frantic quest around the lab to extinguish it.

Custom Illustrated Logo for Chrome Candy

Skull logo design I illustrated for this cool company called Chrome Candy that manufactures custom handles for pinball machines, and other cool arcade parts.  We went through a couple sketches to get the right look at the beginning, and ended up with this happy skull chomping after a piece fo pinball candy. 

Custom Illustrated Logo for Bayside Pinball Club

A flying skull pinball logo I created for a club called Bayside Pinball. I had so much fun illustrating it!

Custom Illustrated T-shirt Design for Beeks Bar & Grille Pinball League

Beek’s Bar & Grille, a popular Pinball Club, hired me to create this t-shirt illustration for their members, featuring a trippy purple wolf as their mascot. I also illustrated the likenesses of two of their most iconic members playing tables in the background.

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