Thank you for taking an interest in being an affiliate for Brian Allen, FlyLand Designs Inc.!

What does the affiliate program do?

Once you sign up to be an Affiliate, you can generate and share your own unique links to our shop and products. Any purchases that a customer makes after clicking your unique link will result in a affiliate commission automatically.

How and when do I get paid?

At the end of each month, your earnings will be tallied and we will mail a check for the full amount due (as long as the amount due is at least $10). Please allow up to 14 days for check to arrive.

Can I keep track of my earnings?

Yes! To keep track of your commissions, simply login to the Affiliate dashboard, and all of your sales comissions will be visible.

How do I generate links?

In most cases, you can generate a link to any page on my website, using your Affiliate username at the end of the hyperlink.

For example:

The link to my website shop is https://www.flylanddesigns.com/shop/

So you’re unique affiliate link would be:

You can use this format for any page or product on my website.

What are the comission rates?

Commision rates start at 8% of the total retail price (shipping not included).

As you accumulate more sales, your comission level will rise to higher preset tiers.