Listenable Records

Client Testimonial:

I love it, colours are perfect , there’s a vintage feel too in the logo and overall colours, it’s great!

-Laurent Merle

Listenable Records

Design #1 – Samurai Album Cover:

Always a pleasure working with my friends at Listenable Records.  For this year’s sampler featuring the labels best tracks, we chose to pay tribute to the classic Defenders of the Faith album cover from Judas Priest.  I thought it would be cool to draw a samurai in the same art style and color scheme as that record, and really give it a nice retro theme, with bright primary colors.  Really dig the way this came out – might make a great sticker.

Design #2 – Zombie Moshpit:

Album cover I illustrated for a new promotional album for Listenable Records. My client came up with the idea of having a moshpit of metal zombies rocking out. I thought it would be funny to put a frightened goth chick crowd-surfing to her doom. The illustration was created at a huge size so that it could also be displayed as a four foot banner at concerts.

Design #3 – Iron Maiden Tribute:

Iron Maiden, and the artist behind their amazing artwork, Derek Riggs, have always been a huge inspiration for everything that I do. So I was super excited when I was hired by Listenable Records to create an illustration tribute to Iron Maiden’s first album, “Killers,” for an upcomming sampler that would be given out at Iron Maiden concerts in Europe. I tried to cram in as much of my own style as I could.